You are somewhere, neither here nor there, while everything that seems to matter remains at a distance. Hypertextualized bodies in limbo -- a region where immaterialized thought-forms are detained until final judgment -- abstracted from the temporal flow, discontiguous, disarticulated, constrained. Gestational body-as-prosthesis, enabling psychological acclimation to an aethereal self-as-other.

A legal form hovers above, giving you the option of ESCaping. If you don't successfully exit out of LIMBO CORP in 40 days, you will remain ensnared forever. All you can access is an enormous list of BODY ORDERS seemingly inert and disabled. You become mesmerized at how incredibly boring and non-descript the space you are in is, though you stay for ages, scrolling through the immeasurable forms. You see the NEW PROJECTS board here and decide to apply for a permit to construct a private architecture. Of course, this initiates another long and formalized list of rules and regulations at the site of the ArchiTextural Authority.